I’m going to take a holiday break from the blog.  It’s Christmas season and we have some travel plans this month.  Also, I need to catch up on other projects.

Please look forward to the following blog topics in 2019:

  • Bønsmoen Farm
  • Christ Olsen Bonn’s Homestead File
  • Norwegian Y-DNA
  • Welsh Y-DNA (R1b-L21)
  • Diving into a Norwegian Bygdebok
  • The Nests & Eggs of Ohio: A Family Treasure
  • Chromosome Painting
  • John Jones, My Earliest Patrilineal Ancestor
  • Tips & Techniques: Creating Ancestor Logs
  • Population Y: A Native American DNA Mystery
  • Aaberge Ancestry: Exploring Hafslo Parish
  • Are We Joneses or Oxleys?

As General MacArthur famously said, “I shall return!”