Genealogy research varies considerably on the needs of the client. I listen carefully to what the customer wants and tailor my rates and services accordingly.

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My usual billing rate is $33 per hour. I offer the following consulting and research services:

  • Tutor hobbyists (basic research & DNA testing guidance)
  • Build family trees
  • Prepare pedigree and other lineage charts
  • Produce family group sheets
  • Locate documents and records
  • Break through brick walls (difficult genealogy problems)
  • Write reports with reference citations
  • Take photographs of grave sites or old residences
  • Assist other genealogists with onsite research in Washington D.C.
  • Organize & lead genealogy road trips
  • Give presentations at family reunions

Hobbyist Help –  I love helping amateur genealogists and hobbyists.  Genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies in America.  Most people like doing their own research, building their own trees, and studying their own DNA … and don’t want to spend a fortune having someone else do it.  So, I offer a special 90-minute tutorial for a flat $22 rate. If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area, I will go to your home; if not, we can communicate directly online.  During the initial free consultation, I find out what you’ve done so far, what software you’re using (often, and what help you need.  If you have an online tree already, I like to see that ahead of time.  Then we schedule the tutorial. I follow up with an email providing written tips and suggestions.

I also offer two straight-forward research packages at discounted prices.


Tutor clients on their basic/intermediate genealogy research or DNA testing results


  • Initial consultation to determine your needs
  • 90 minutes personal time (at client home or online)
  • Follow-up email with tips and suggestions


Silver Package

Original research on 4 generations of one American ancestral line (child, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents).


  • Written report with citations
  • Pedigree chart
  • Copies of key documents


Gold Package

Original research on 4 generations of one ancestral line (child, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents), including collateral ancestors (all the brothers & sisters each generation).


  • Written report with citations
  • Pedigree chart
  • Family group sheets
  • Copies of key documents
  • Professional binder



I accept payment via check, PayPal, or bank transfer.  We can discuss as we consult about your needs.

Areas of Specialization

Americans have migrated so much throughout history that professional American genealogists are relatively adept at researching almost anywhere in the 50 states.  This is especially true given the recent explosion of Internet access to various ancestry records (e.g, vital records, census data, military files, wills & probate documents, land records).  

With that being said, I have more experience in northern states than southern, and am particularly knowledgeable about the states of Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and New York.  Other areas of specialization include: Scots-Irish, Norway, Quakers, and DNA analysis.


Presbyterians who were transplanted from low-land areas of Scotland to Northern Ireland (Ulster) in the 1600s and then immigrated to America in the 18th century.


19th-century immigrants from Norway, particularly those who settled in the upper midwest. I am particularly familiar with ancestors from Sogn og Fjordane and Akershus counties.


Founded by George Fox in 1650, the Religious Society of Friends joined the ranks of those fleeing religious persecution in England to come to America, beginning in the 1680s.

DNA Analysis

Finding genetic cousins through DNA testing and then collaborating to identify common ancestors is a new way to help build one’s family tree. I primarily use,, and

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